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Thursday, September 16, 2010

True Style: Joyce Bryant

Joyce Bryant, nicknamed "The Black Marilyn Monroe", may not be as well known as the other singers of her time but four octave voice along with her incredible style gained her a strong reputation in the 50's . Bryant wore gorgeous ultra feminine mermaid dresses that were extremely provocative for her time. Her dresses were so tight that sometimes she had to be carried off the stage after her performances. In an attempt to show up the famous singer Josephine Baker, Bryant sprayed her hair with silver radiator paint and the "Bronze Blonde Bombshell" came to life. Joyce Bryant regularly appeared in magazines such as Jet and Life and was considered to be one of the most beautiful black women of her time. Just as her career was beginning to take off Bryant was ready for its end. The spray began to damage her hair and Bryant began to have second thoughts about her image. In 1955, Joyce Bryant denounced her career to become an evangelist. Bryant later went back to entertaining in the late 60's. Bryant's music career may have abruptly ended but her style lasts forever.


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