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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spotted: Seventies Style

70's fashion often gets a bad rap and most people consider it to be one of the more...well, tacky eras in fashion. It was during this time that synthetic fabrics were popular and wearing a dress that matched your couch, curtains and probably your place mats was acceptable. Do not take offense if the 70s was your favorite fashion decade, there were many great things about the fun and fearless fashion of the seventies. Along with tight bell bottoms, super deep v-necks, and patent leather knee high platforms, were the beautiful bold prints and ethnic patterns, tights, menswear inspired wide leg trousers, daring mini skirts, flowy maxi dresses, sexy catsuits and elegant halter silhouettes. Several designers for the 2010 Fashion Week had "seventies redux" all over the runway from their Spring 2011 Collections. We are more than likely going to see more of seventies chic this spring and if it isn't there already, the seventies may be making its way back into your wardrobe! Let's not match our couches this time around.

Anna Sui- New York Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs- New York Fashion Week

TopShop Unique- London Fashion Week

Click here to take a peak at some of our vintage 1970s pieces!


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