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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

True Style: Shala Monroque

She's no model but this lady seems to keep popping up in all the latest fashion magazines and fashion websites. Shala Monroque, editor-at-large of Pop Magazine and art enthusiast, was on this year Vogue's Best Dressed List and has become quite known for her coveted style and impeccable taste. writer, Alexandra Phanor-Faury, describes Shala's Monoroques's style as "a high-level of sophistication and elegance with a dose of eccentricity that is rarely seen and sorely missed in today's fashion landscape."

What I like most about Shala's style is how she incorporates bold statement pieces to her classy look. I love that Shala stays true to her personal style and dresses to set trends and not follow them. I'm sure we will be seeing lots more of Shala Monroque and her eye catching fashion. Check out some of the pics taken from Shala's interview in this months issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Photo Credit:Magnus Unnar


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