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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Viewed: Underneath It All

We recently paid a visit to the Missouri History Museum and viewed the "Underneath It All" exhibit.  The exhibit showed the evolution of women's clothing and what undergarments made the hour glass figure achievable for all.  It was a little frightening and disarming to see the price women paid for such beauty.  To say that "Underneath It All" was meticulously detailed is an understatement.  I suggest everyone check it out for themselves.  It's currently showing now through January 27,2013.

2 piece linen eyelet dress circa 1900
what corsets do to your internal organs

1920's dress and undergarments

1935 Crepe dress
Peach was a common color for undergarments

Batitse dress by Josephine Scullin 1957

1968 Mini dress


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