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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fashion History: Arnold Scaasi

Arnold Scaasi is the true embodiment of American couture talent.  During the 1960s, while most US designers focused on mass produced ready-to-wear creations - Arnold Scaasi went against the grain and focused his business on a strictly custom, made-to-order clientele. Known to dress some of the most well known celebrities of his day (he outfitted Barbara Streisand for the 1969 Oscar awards) and also high profile political clients (First Lady Barbara Bush wore his design to the 1989 inauguration) his design talent spans several decades.  Beginning in 1984, Scaasi began to offer his designs to a ready-to-wear customer, by offering a more accessible label named "Scaasi Boutique".  His designs are currently on view, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, through June 19, 2011.

We have an example of a 1980's Scaasi Boutique dress.  I love the bow and ruched detailing - it really accentuates an hourglass figure.

Scaasi Boutique dress - Borough Vintage


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