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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Styled: Casual Chic

Last week, BoroughVintage did a short segment on how to reinvent your wardrobe by incorporating vintage pieces for Great Day St. Louis. If you missed it check out that video post from last week. To go along with that, I found two outfits that almost anybody can put together for a casual chic look. You should already have a pair of black slim fit pants or a pair of loose fitting trousers. All you'll need is a shrunken blazer and the right shoes. Since blazers are such a basic piece they can be found almost anywhere. I would suggest trying a local vintage boutique or thrift shop first but whether you decide to incorporate a vintage blazer is totally up to you. The key is to find a blazer in the perfect length that doesn't make you look like you are headed to work for a day in the office. If your blazer comes with a matching skirt, it's probably not quite what you need to achieve this look. You want to avoid plain everyday blazers and search for blazers with detail or ones in different fabrics and/or colors. If you went with more masculine pieces, you should wear a shoe that is more feminine like the picture to the right. Don't over do it with accessories, keep your look simple. If you feel the need to accessorize, do so by adding a necklace and a sleek bag. Click here for blazers at Borough Vintage!


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