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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vintage Design: Michael Greer

Inside Design by Michael Greer is an amusing vintage design book printed in 1962. Each page highlights a different aspect of design and has an accompanying picture to highlight the text. But, aside from the actual design theories - the biggest reason to own this book is for the author's clearly opinionated and off the wall design mantras. Even the dust jacket states: "Michael Greer has prepared a pithy, witty, and highly controversial text on 124 salient decorating topics....While some of Mr. Greer's dogma may be in controversy, his exquisite taste is certainly not."

Here are some of the most amusing quotes:
" Tubs are a space-hogging superfluity if the user of the bath takes showers only."

" No rocking chairs, please, high-back or low; I have never seen a pretty one, I've looked, so I conclude that there is none. And anyway what an upleasant distraction to watch somebody else rocking."

"I like collections but I loathe the word. Somehow collecting is something you do to the rent or the garbage."

"Two of almost anything are better than one, provided one of it is better than none."

Who knew that a design book could be so comical and quotable!


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